2016-11-28 myOilfieldSupply.com NEWS

We are pleased to announce that the Project Control engine behind myOilfieldSupply.com called CommittedCost.com is now managing projects in excess of $50 million in total budget. These projects are of all sizes controlled by successful project managers who need to:

  • understand their capital commitments to date

  • get daily progress reports and seamlessly broadcast project information to project stakeholders

  • monitor changes to their original budgets and why they happened

  • accrue capital for their accounting departments and

  • know how much has been invoiced and how much is left to invoice

myOilfieldSupply.com (through CommittedCost.com) has made it easy for our current clients to get started because there is no software to install, no upfront cost, a pay-as-you-go model that can be invoiced back to the project itself and an easy set-up. Most of our clients got started with our Free Trial offer.

Congratulations to our clients for taking a solid step to your next promotion!!!

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Thursday September 1, 2016 (Houston TX, Calgary AB)

myFlowSupply Inc. is pleased to announce that its second product myOilfieldSupply.com is now live. This will complement the first product CommittedCost.com that went live in mid July. While myOilfieldSupply.com has now opened its doors there remains some “landscaping” items to finish which will be completed in the coming days. Then we will move into refinement where we listen to our client feedback for continuous improvement.

myOilfieldSupply strongly believes we can reduce cost and improve efficiency for our customers and we are excited to work with our customers to realize these savings.

If you believe we need to find ways to reduce costs in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries and if you further believe technology is the best way to achieve that then myOilfieldSupply would be pleased to help.

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