APCO MG was established in 1986 to produce quality products from the emerging Chinese market to the global marketplace.

Our Background

Thomas J. Watson, a Canadian entrepreneur, created the manufacturing arm of our company in 1986. In the past 28 years, with the assistance of his business partners, he built factories, developed/implemented Canadian/European standard Q.A. programs.

Thomas has been involved in the creation of top-quality products such as MG Geldbach Flanges, APCO Weld Fitting's, & TFF/National Brand Malleable Pipe Fittings. Thomas' leadership, integrity, and experience provide continued confidence in our company’s products and services.

Our Team

Our team is made up of 3 manufacturing operations in China, APCO Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd., M.Geldbach (Shanxi) Flange & Fitting Co., Ltd Tangshan TFF Malleable Iron Co., Ltd. We have a Trading Arm based in Tianjin, China. In Canada APCO MG International Inc. & in the USA, APCO MG Flange Fitting USA Inc.


OUR Brands(All are Registered Trade marks of APCO MG International Inc.)

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