myOilfieldSupply relentlessly pursues opportunities to save costs. We are a passionate “fast follower” applying e-commerce advancement and Software As A Service (S.A.A.S) technologies to improve efficiencies in the energy business. Our focus areas are as follows:


Direct Marketing Oil and gas Equipment- why pay for the “name”

It is high time for carefully vetted manufacturers from abroad to sell directly to end users in a parallel path to their current practice of “white label” manufacturing for the big names. After careful screening and ongoing QA/QC audits we market these products in our online marketplace. Similar to powerhouses like Amazon, the marketplace of MyOilfieldSupply will drive costs including shipping, warehousing and distribution down using technology. myOilfieldSupply has significant engineering and logistics expertise in some of the most challenging areas of the world including United States, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, across Eastern Europe and other parts of Asia.


Project Cost Control (PCC)- helping your team track committed project costs

How many times have you been put into a new position and asked to execute a project and none of the processes or tools exist to monitor the project as expected? Furthermore it is very uncomfortable to ask an IT department for new software on your first day. So here we have a dilemma because you know bosses HATE surprises and first impressions are lasting… but here you sit there with no tools to do the job. This is where we step in… use our tools to monitor the project. No software to install… pay as you go… get the job done.


Engineering Tools

myOilfieldSupply personnel have hundreds of nifty programs build over years and years of industry experience that we plan to post here so people can play around to understand some of the sensitivities of the calculations and judgement calls we make. This is not to empower everyone to be a ‘back-seat” EPCM but rather to help people understand some of the complexities of the EPCM business.

Educational Videos

The days of carefully scripted training programs for our younger workforce are long gone. In fact most of our young people rarely get sufficient field experience to compliment there academic education. We step in here with educational videos to help your people learn or refresh themselves on industry manufacturing or field practices.

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